Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Forum: “Nothing else is” –Literature and Art of the Spirit

Sundays, March 10 and 17
11:30 am in the Kennedy Room

Join professor Helen Brooks in a two part Sunday Forum to explore the truly thought-provoking advent--- in the globalized and cross-cultural Early Modern world---of infusing literature and art with the spiritual, or divine “presence,” well-captured in John Donne’s words:  “Nothing else is.”  Today’s research in the areas of neuroscience, or cognitive science, is yielding increasing evidence for what has become defined as the “spiritual brain.”  We will explore multiple writers and artists within this framework, such as Donne, Shakespeare, Beckett and selected art, time-permitting. Scholarly material in the field will also be distributed for discussion.  This is a vibrant and growing area of study, and one, in my view, that can enhance our thinking across perceived boundaries, and perhaps even contribute to our taking this spiritual mindset “to the streets.”